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View imaging exams at Virtual and Augmented Reality

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More technology for doctors and patients

Always seeking to innovate in the medical field, SIDI - Medicine by Image has a software that allows you to view exams in augmented reality and even print the structures on the 3D printer.

Important resource for various medical specialties:

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and much more

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see how it is
to proceed

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The doctor requests the examination from the patient.

SIDI's specialized team performs the exam, creates the project in M3Desk and makes it available to the doctor by sending it to the cloud.

The doctor downloads the M3DMix application on his own smartphone or tablet and accesses his project in the cloud.

The doctor and patient view and interact with the 3D exam in the app.

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benefits of using

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Visual aids for talking to the patient

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Agility and accessibility to files on smartphone or tablet

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Advanced visualization tools that can assist in the prior study of procedures

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Biomodels with augmented reality that, in addition to reducing costs with 3D printing, can help in the preliminary study and reduce the costs of operative procedures

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Better understanding of 3D imaging exams

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Possibility to print models on 3D printers to assist with complex cases

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Do I need to do something different to gain access to the exam ?

The three-dimensional reconstruction and creation of the project in virtual and augmented reality is already offered by SIDI.



Technology FAQ

  • Android or IOS?
    A: The M3DMix app is free. Just download from the AppStore (iOS) and Google Play (Android).
  • Can I share the projects?
    A: Yes, it is possible to share projects through the M3DMix app
  • What types of QR Codes?
    A: At the moment, there are two options: The standard QR Code for viewing a face in AR and the QR Code cube that allows the user to manipulate the object in AR in 360º
  • Is it an AR QR Code for each exam?
    A: No. The QR Code is unique. For the user to be able to view it in AR, he must open the project in the app, activate the camera mode and point to the M3DMix QR Code.
  • Is it possible to insert the QR code in exam templates and report sheets?
    A: Yes, it is possible, as it is a great alternative to inserting still images from the three-dimensional renderings of the anatomical regions. In addition, the report facilitates the illustration of the anatomical region related to the diagnosis presented by the doctor
  • What is the 4D biomodel?
    A: It is a biomodel manufactured from files exported from M3Desk in which QRCodes were placed to visualize the superimposed structures in augmented reality through the M3DMix app
  • Can I export the files for 3D printing?
    A: Yes, it is possible to export M3Desk files (.obj format) for 3D printing
  • What images can I upload?
    A: CT, MRI, PET/CT, SPECT, and US DICOM Multimodal Tomographic Images
  • What file formats can I upload?
    A: DICOM and STL
  • What is STL?
    R: STL (Standard Tesselation Language) An STL file geometrically describes a surface through concatenated triangles using the Cartesian coordinate system. (
  • What is DICOM?
    A: DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is the international standard format for transmitting, storing, retrieving, printing, processing and presenting medical imaging information. ( (

For exams, scheduling or how to take the exam with augmented reality, get in touch.

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